✈ 多倫多遊學 ✈ The Oldest文創園區 Distillery Distinct


First of all,I have to apologize about the content today,cause I don’t have time to write my blog at home

so I uploaded all the photos and wonder it would be perfect to write the article in school!!

But,I forgot this is A Languege school….they don’t have Chinese keyboard…WTH I’m a silly girl….

The good thing is my classmates finally can understand my blog!! hahahahhaha

Whatever,I went to the oldest 文創園區 (Culture & Creation Distinct) with my Japanese friend-Ayumi

It was such a good day to hanging aroung in that plce cause the weather was soooo nice 🙂

Beause that I’m obsessed with every culture products for sure,so I googled this place in Taiwan and decided I must visit here one day!

The TTC was shutted down today,so it was totally a tragedy that I have to change many many times of bus then I can arrive at the right place,but

I really love this plalce so everything is worthy for me haha.


✈The Distillery Historical Distrinct

The Distillery Distinct is the oldest factory used to maked the wine,just like the cultural distrincts in Taiwan.

The Distillery District is a national Historic Site with an incredibly rich history. The site was once The Gooderham and Worts Distillery, and represents the largest and best preserved collection of Victorian Industrial Architecture in North America.Here has many galleries and art designs,but i did’t see any exhibitions for free today.

<How to go there>

Toronto Transit (TTC)

  • Castle Frank Station on the Bloor Line.  Connect to Bus 65A Parliament. Ride bus south down Parliament. Exit at Front Street and walk one block south to Mill Street.
  • King Station on the Yonge University Line. Take Eastbound 504 King streetcar. Exit at King and Parliament. Walk two blocks south on Parliament to Mill Street.
  • I suggest you just ask people when you take off from the subway and the bus,because it needs about 10 minutes to walk.

<Website> http://www3.thedistillerydistrict.com/



Here has many beautiful gallery which is usually welcome everyone,so u don’t need to bring too many cash here.

In the other hands,if you love shopping I will recommand you must bring your credit card here!!

Here must be the best place for picking some gifts for friends.


The old truck is one of the ancient things in this area,everything is special for me.

Many tourists will come here to take some pretty pics by themself,so this is the first place where I won’t feel embarrsed to take lots of pics,hahaha!

The old Typing machine is one of the exhibitions,some shops even selling this stuff in very expensive price.I should told my dad keeps it and send to me that I can be a rich women now!!!


This is all made from an old boat,part of the boat is so beautiful 🙂

I really like this kind of cadual atmosphere in this area


This Gallery is in the nearest part of the exit,you can found it in the beginning.But I think few people go into the gallery cause there are little man exept us this moning hahaha.

Even in the gallery you can take pics for sure(actually,I have no idea but no one say No to us :P)


I heard this is also a great place for marry photos shooting,cause this is a historacal attraction so its really popular(even for canadians.)

But if you want to shooting in this distrinct maybe you have to apply for it because it’s a historical place!!

I saw many parents will bring there kids to here,so it’s also a good place for kidnapp some cute kids hahaha


The most strange art for me is this kind of weird insect,I never know how the 100 big insect will become an art = =

OMG really shocking.


The has many direction in the distillery,cause it’s really really big and you might get lost without it.

It’s about 3 times bigger than the Taiwan’s one.


Even Japanese styles shop is opened here,I think it’s a shop for selling the spring water.

I assumed the price will be $10-20 a bottle for the spring water.


Not only the galleries,here also has many designer’s shop. The price…haha I bet you already know it.

I really want to get one but i forgot my credit card so I just like a poor pitty girl today

The designer here is pretty friendly,not like Taiwanese always pretend like they r the best one in the world 🙁


The tower and house here are so remantic,if you have boyfriend you must bring him to here than he will propose to u cause this atmosphere.


Map is also the important thing here,but it’s too complex to understand it so I can’t follow the direction og this map = =

In the end…this is a useless map for me anyway.


Except the art,here also has many many cafe house.

Usually in Toronto,shops will close earlist on Sunday,about 1700 every shops will closed,so you must to be careful about that!

Thsi cafe just like a wine shop,there has many beautiful stuffs in the shop.


Just like the restaurant in Europe,the price here is similar to the starbucks,so it’s not that expensive.


If you oeder some coffee or tea in Toronto,mostly they are black one.If your want to add some suger,maple syrup or milk there will has a DIY place to use.


Because we were starving,so we need to found a little shop for lunch. In the end,we found this shop called NO NAME.

Which means I really don’t know what the hell is its name!!!!

But everything here is yumyum


They has many cute cupcakes,if you come to Toronto you must try some of them cause it’s cheaper than Taiwan.


Cookies in Toronto are all Big one,if you love soft cookies then you must enjoy it.

But mmost of them has cinama,so if you don’t like the taste you should ask the clerk first.


They also has the kind of cake whivh is provided for the wedding,I really want this kind of cake for my wedding>\\\\<


We ate so many things,a lemon cupcake,orange tea and the chocolate cookie.

Just as I said orange tea here is totally the black tea.


We also orderd a salt pie,which taste like a cake that is salt but sweet.

There has egg,vegetables and tomatos inside,it’s pretty good 🙂



TEA $1.5

COOKIE $1.05

PIE $8



Here has some old pics of this factory

they looks so sexy hahahah



It’s a pretty popular shop in the distillery,cause the ester holiday is coming people here should but manyyyyyy chocolate for it!


They has easter rabbit chocolate,it’s soooo cute!!


This is the strange flavor chocolate here,they put ginger inside….I don’t want to spend $8 buing this …


They also has chocolatemaking room here

so professional,hah?


I love here cause they have many cute shop evetuwhere,look at this!!!! so cute!!!!!

I love this memo but it’s too expensiveQQ


Red hair doll is also a cute thing i want to buy

But i’m afraid she will kill me in the midnight so i give it up


We r very lucky,cause the weather is so good there has a magician in the middle of this distrinct,he said he is very famous that we must saw him on the TV or Movie before,but i think he is a liyer hahahah


In the end of the day,we also met a doll of subways,he gave me a ticket for free cookies,but that was a pity i was too full yesterday so i didnt get that chance 🙁

BTY,I really want to kill those BXXlians in front of me= =

I almost die because the english tapping but they still hahahahhahhalalalalallalalblablablabla

OMG!!!!!!!!someone kick them please!!!!!


Today’s learning






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